Screen Music

  • Sony Butterflies

    Sony – Butterflies

  • Komodo Kingdom Of The Dragon

    Kingdom of the Dragon

  • Telcast Earth TV

    Telcast International – Earth TV

  • Halloween 3D

    Halloween 3D

  • Science Frontiers

    Discovery – Science Frontiers

  • Green Glass Beads

    Green Glass Beads

  • Trinity Lismore

    Trinity Catholic College

  • Wild Australia Ediacara

    Wild Australia – Ediacara

  • Wild Australia Narryer

    Wild Australia – Narryer


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Need a custom musical score?

I can provide original score for your production – anything from a short ad to a corporate video, documentary, or TV series. A custom score for your visuals is always more rewarding, where every emotive detail of the story is musically enhanced. All genres catered for! Additionally I can provide post-production services such as track-lay and audio restoration.

What are they saying?

  • From the oldest plant in the world to the oldest rock, working with Andy Downer was a wonderful collaboration. Beautiful soundscapes, beautiful scores. Andy lifted our films to the next level. A pleasure to work with…
    Mark Jones
  • Marrying vision and music can be a very tricky business at times, but Andy certainly made the process both seamless and excitingly creative. His talent is truly amazing and has enhanced my television productions greatly. Don’t bother wasting weeks trawling through stock libraries! Contact Andy to make your production professionally unique.
    Kingsley Haxton, Greentone Films
  • Can totally feel the Gabriel influence in this track... and I'm always a sucker for a vocoder vocal effect!! Really love the tension and dreamy, shimmering texture of the arrangement... it's beautiful stuff!
    Mike White
  • WOW! It's a sonic masterpiece! REALLY! A very rich tapestry of sounds, both organic and synth'd. Massive bass/drum grooves, vocal harmonies and a world of layered and textured support instruments. The sound is impeccable.
    Jeremy White


A.D.STUDIO is an audio production house which provides a range of professional services for musicians and the media industry. We specialise in music composition, scoring to picture, and contemporary recording, production and audio mixing.



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